Top 10 Best Email Marketing Courses 2022 (Free Courses)

Email marketing emerged as a popular way of advertising since the early 2000s. Back in the day, providers like Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo were dominating the market and if you send an email, chances are everybody will receive it and probably read it.

By the late 2000s, over a billion people have started using email worldwide and the email service providers became a lot more sophisticated. Gone are the days where someone could send a mass email and expect everyone to read it. These days, email marketers have to comply with strict regulations and even get consent if they wish to send promotional emails.

For those who are new to the space, you will need to use an email marketing software if you wish to send emails to many people at once. Fortunately, most of these software have a forever free trial and are relatively easy to use.

The number one issue most new email marketers stumble over is not reading the terms of use. Email works on a shared authority system. Basically, it means that email marketing software providers are picky who they do business with. 

This is because each customer has the potential to impact the overall email deliverability of everyone in the group. So, keep that in mind before you get started.

Since email marketing softwares is relatively easy to learn, other than the first few courses on this list, most of the content here will be agencies and teachers sharing their modern strategies for their own respective industry.

#1. Sendinblue Academy - Email Marketing Course

Sendinblue Academy - Email Marketing Course

If you are looking for something comprehensive, covering a good balance of tutorial, strategies, and examples all in one place, then this is it. Sendinblue’s email marketing course is done in a PowerPoint style presentation. 

It covers many important aspects of email marketing from data protection rules like GDPR, and examples of a signup form that is fully compliant worldwide. The course even covers optional and more complex features like segmentation and scoring customers based on their actions. 

Sendinblue’s headquarters is based in Paris so it is no surprise that their course covers more compliance related content, since Europe tends to have a stricter email policies compared to any other parts of the world. As an added bonus, you get a certification if you are interested in sitting through their exams at the end.

#2. Mailerlite Acadamy - Mailerlite Fundamentals

Mailerlite Acadamy - Mailerlite Fundamentals

Do you just want a simple step by step tutorial that is meant for people who are not so tech savvy, then this is the course for you. Their fundamentals course is one of the easiest to follow because everything is done via a screen recording. 

If you are following along using their software, you should have no problem understanding other similar email marketing platforms. The course covers the basics like linking your domain, making quizzes on your email, and segmenting your users. 

On the surface, Mailerlite may sound like a very basic platform but they are far from it. They have been constantly evolving, adding new features you see on other platforms.

#3. Klaviyo Academy - Product Certification

Klaviyo Academy - Product Certification

If you already have some experience playing around with email marketing software and want to focus solely on ecommerce marketing, then Klaviyo product certification is one you should definitely consider. 

This course is presented in both blog style videos and screen recording to mix things up. Klaviyo certification courses mostly focus on all the advanced features of the platforms. 

You will learn how to create a personalized experience through segmentation, utilizing their predictive AI to forecast sales, and calculating a customer lifetime value. Klaviyo is an email marketing software dedicated to ecommerce. So, their academy has many ecommerce related courses like SMS marketing, community building, and holiday marketing.

#4. Hubspot - Email Marketing Certification Course

Hubspot - Email Marketing Certification Course

This is one of Hubspot's most popular courses and it is meant for people who already have experience using email marketing tools. There is no tutorial here, this is a pure strategy session by Courtney Sembler, the director of Hubspot academy. 

This course is targeted towards all types of business and helps you understand the workload of a full time email marketer. Content covers in this course include segmentation, personalized email, how to structure your email, a/b testing to find the best copy, nurturing campaign, and behavior automated email. 

Hubspot is a leading provider of CRM and is also an all in one digital marketing tool. Email marketing, is one of Hubspot's core product offerings.

#5. Ricky Carruth - Let Ricky Critique Your WEEKLY EMAIL LIVE

Ricky Carruth - Let Ricky Critique Your WEEKLY EMAIL LIVE

Ricky Carruth is living proof that a simple once a week email is all you need to create a sustainable and profitable business. Ricky is a real estate agent and used to spend most of his time cold calling property owners in his area. 

In the late 2000s, he started asking his prospects for their email address and once a week, he would send email related to anything in his local area. He does not use social media, no segmentation, and no automation. 

Over time, his small list grew to several thousand people and he never needed to do cold calling ever again. All he does now is service his existing clients and share his strategies on his YouTube channel.

#6. Davie Fogarty - Email Marketing For Beginners

Davie Fogarty - Email Marketing For Beginners

When it comes to ecommerce, simple strategies may not cut it anymore. A Lot of ecommerce businesses expect more advanced features in order to be competitive in this space. 

David Fogarty is an entrepreneur and youtuber from Australia. He has grown several different brands from scratch to million dollar business. In this video, he shows you a quick tutorial on how to add a pop up form in your store and how to incentivize people to sign up to your email. 

Then he goes on to show you the top 3 email series you need to create so that your brand is able to stand out and win the customers trust. These emails are easily set up and will account for a significant percentage of your shop sales in the long run.

#7. Wilson K Lee - 6 Money Making Emails Every Restaurant Should Be Sending

Wilson K Lee - 6 Money Making Emails Every Restaurant Should Be Sending

Restaurant business is another industry that can benefit significantly from email marketing. Wilson K Lee is a youtuber and a serial entrepreneur that used to own a dessert restaurant called 720 Sweets & Etc. 

He has since sold it and moved on to other business ventures but his digital marketing experience is still available for you to watch on his channel. In this email marketing video, Wilson talks about the type of emails a restaurant should be doing. 

This includes weekly newsletter, using surveys, asking for reviews, and some strategies to re-engage customers who do not open your emails.

#8. Five Star Content - HOTELS: Want to Build Your Email List FAST?

Five Star Content - HOTELS: Want to Build Your Email List FAST?

The Hotel business is a very competitive industry that is dominated by the big travel websites. If you are a hotelier and looking to grow your business, then you should consider using email as an additional avenue to your existing marketing strategy. 

Five Star Content is a relatively new and small YouTube channel, but the host Jenn Zajac covers some interesting email marketing strategies used by big hotel chains. In this video, she shares many examples of lead magnets to get people to sign up to your hotel email that are not just outright discounts. 

She also has another video where she covers over a hundred unique content ideas to send in your regular emails.

#9. Get Response - Email Marketing for Bloggers: Webinar with Leslie Samuel

GetResponse - Email Marketing for Bloggers: Webinar with Leslie Samuel

If you are planning to start as a blogger or a content creator, then this video should be right up your alley. Get response is an email marketing software provider and they hosted a webinar with Leslie Samuel, the owner of interactive biology YouTube channel. 

In this video, Leslie talks about how he uses email marketing to sell his study guides and affiliate products. His strategy is relatively simple, he focuses most of his effort to create content for college students, then he asks them to visit his landing page where he uses a lead magnet. 

After that, he will send some additional content over email. Occasionally, he will try to sell his study guides and affiliate products to everyone on his email list.

#10. Highlevel - Cold Emailing Masterclass

Highlevel - Cold Emailing Masterclass

Cold email marketing is basically a strategy to send email to people one by one. Similar to directly messaging people on Facebook or LinkedIn, you do not use an email marketing software, just a normal individual email account. 

To your regular email providers like Gmail, it is seen as just a direct email from one person to another and is less likely to go to the promo or spam folder. For the people who are responsive and interested in your business, then only do you add them to your email software provider. 

This masterclass was made by High level, an all in one marketing software design specifically for digital marketing agencies.